Our team at Flawless Icon specializes in anti-aging techniques and beauty formulas that are proven to magnify the Flawless Icon within us all.  We provide our clients with the latest Cosmetic Technology programs and skin care treatments.  We take pride in delivering excellent client service followed by desired results.  Every treatment program is customized to meet specific needs and help our clients reach their goals quickly.




 Licensed Laser Specialist and Certified Medical & Clinical Electrologist

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

Licensed Esthetician

Success happens when someone sees a void in the market and creates a business opportunity by filling it.  Such was the case with Melanie Fields, a performer turned entrepreneur.  As a longtime entertainer, Melanie had to look fabulous, fit and flawless at all times.  However, very few salons in South Florida were catering to women of color, especially when it came to laser hair removal and other skin services.  Since she couldn’t find specialty spas in her hometown using laser technology meant for darker skin tones, she tackled the problem by going to school and becoming a licensed laser specialist and certified medical and clinical electrologist.  And, in 2015, Melanie launched Flawless Icon, a med spa that accommodates all skin types and pigmentations.

While Flawless Icon initially focused on laser hair removal using the latest Candela Gentle Max Pro Laser technology, the business evolved into offering a wide range of spa and medical services spanning spider vein removal, cellulite treatments, acne prevention, radio frequency facial skin tightening, body contouring and sculpting, IV therapies, skin tag removal, foot detoxes, laser lipo, Botox and fillers, butt enhancement, lashes and microblading, teeth whitening, mesotherapy, wart removal, tattoo removal and vaginal rejuvenation.  “When we are not happy with ourselves, we look angry, mad or sad,” Melanie describes.  “I want all women and men to look and feel beautiful at all stages of their lives—when they’re younger, older, post-partum, after a breakup or for a special occasion.”

Through excellent word of mouth, targeted social media marketing and visits by her famous friends like Cardi B and Super Cindy, Flawless Icon quickly outgrew its first location.  The 1,000-square-foot space was packed every day with women and men wanting to look and feel their best. In 2017, Melanie partnered with businessman Jean Paul and the two took the concept to the next level with a stunning 5,000-square-foot standalone building with 14 treatment rooms.  Situated in the burgeoning area off Biscayne Boulevard, which will soon to be home to the billion-dollar Magic City Innovation District, JP and Melanie are betting on the neighborhood to take off, too.  A franchise in Davie debuted in 2019 and a third Flawless Icon is set to open in 2020 in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.


Entrepreneur Jean Paul is known for smart growth and consulting with and investing in a wide portfolio of businesses throughout South Florida and the Caribbean.  His successful approach targets startups looking to scale up authentically and sustainably.  As someone who once owned—and lost—a successful chain of 16 mental health clinics, he knows firsthand the struggles that come with rapid expansion.  Through his JP Consulting Group, he counsels his clients on how to duplicate their formula across multiple locations while avoiding all of the pitfalls that can come with expansion.

One such opportunity arrived unexpectedly when Jean Paul met Flawless Icon owner Melanie Fields in 2017. Initially, he was advising Fields on patents and trademarks surrounding her beauty products, but he was so impressed with her medical spa business that he partnered with her in order to develop and franchise the brand.  “I knew I could take Flawless Icon to the next level,” Jean Paul describes. “What she was doing was great, and it was profitable, but I knew her ceiling was so much higher. Melanie needed structure, organization and franchising know-how.”  Since then, in just under two years, Flawless Icon has relocated to a 5,000 square foot space in the burgeoning area off Biscayne Boulevard, soon to be home to the billion-dollar Magic City Innovation District, and opened a second, franchise location in Davie.  And a third Flawless Icon is set to launch in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in 2020.

As a native Haitian, Jean Paul is excited to bring this latest business endeavor back home. He also has ties to Jamaica, where he attended college, and South Florida, where he received his psychology degree followed by law school. With his background in the health industry and as a lawyer, Jean Paul is uniquely positioned to help his clients thrive, especially at Flawless Icon, where he acts as a mentor and advisor to his partner Melanie.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our Flawless Icon Services and packages are compiled together based on (clinical trails) terms which is 6- 8 weeks. – results may vary based on individuals genetics, diet, and workload

All of our Professional Medical Staff is licensed and/or certified and recognized in the State of Florida to perform the services we offer. 


Yes, we offer free consultations to all of our in store client.  ranging from 15-30 minutes where we can answer question and discuss in details treatment scope. 

Virtual Consultations for out-of-state clients is available vis FaceTime or Google Duo. These Consult come with with a fee applied. 

Flawless Skin MAX is a new age nutritional supplement giving assistance to skin brightening. 100% All Natural. Flawless Skin MAX product line is the newest breakthrough for visual skin lightening using “Master Antioxidant” Glutathione – promotes detoxification, fortifies the immune system & regulates / reduces pigment  Skin Health Anti-Aging, Immune System Health and Reduces Melanin Production.

We accept Cash,VISA, Discover, Mastercard, American Express, and Care Credit.- No Medical Insurance is accepted. 

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